Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity

With over 3,000 members at over 50 universities across the country, Sigma Beta Rho Rho Fraternity has earned it's place as the Nation's Premier Multicultural Fraternity. Founded in 1996 at the University of Pennsylvania, we have grown into an organization that values member diversity in heritage, creed, and thought. As a relatively young fraternity, we have managed to maintain our integrity as an organization that strives for the betterment of our members by focusing on our three pillars: service to society, our bond of brotherhood, and remembrance of our roots.


We are dedicated to Serving Society


In our organization, Sigma stands for Society. Our primary focus at Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity is to instill in each of our members a strong sense of duty to serve our respective communities. We do this through required volunteer service hours for all of our chapters, which are an integral part of tracking chapter performance.



Networking Nationwide


Our bond of Brotherhood spans university campuses nationwide. Through communication tools such as our national email system, social media, and organization management software, all of our members are able to communicate with one another, whether or not they have met face-to-face.


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